Lettera di ringraziamento del Segretario Generale della Croce Rossa del Montenegro, Slobodan Kalezic

Il Segretario Generale della Croce Rossa del Montenegro, Slobodan Kalezic, ha inviato una lettera di ringraziamento al Commissario straordinario di CRI, Francesco Rocca, e al Direttore Generale Patrizia Ravaioli, per l’ospitalità e per aver fatto sentire “i nostri rappresentanti come fossero a casa di amici durante gli eventi di Solferino 2009”.


Dear friends, After successful gathering of hundreds of people from more than 150 National Societies in Solferino in the memory of the battle of Solferino, I would like to use this opportunity, and on behalf of participants from Montenegro Red Cross and personally, to express our appreciation for your support throughout their journey. I was informed about your warm welcome in the Regional branch of Tuscany and great hospitality. We appreciate very much that our participants had the opportunity to learn something more about your organization and that experience is very significant for them. We are happy that our National Society took part in this memorable event, since it was an unforgettable moment. I would like to thank you and your co – workers for all of your efforts in making this experience worth of remembering. Hoping that we will have the opportunity to meet each other very soon, I am sending you kind regards, Slobodan Kalezic Secretary General

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