We are also the present

Roberta Fusacchia

Dear Mediterranean friends,after an intense period as Youth Officer at the Centre for the Cooperation in the Mediterranean, it is now time to leave for a new adventure.It is difficult summarize in a few sentences all the satisfactions that this period of time spent with all of you has given me. I am so happy of the extraordinary outcomes we have achieved so far! It’s not enough though; the development of RC/RC Mediterranean Youth is a continuous challenge that the Centre will keep carrying out with enthusiastic conviction. This is why you can surely count on the new Youth Desk – my colleague Enrico Di Lena – to ensure the continuity of these efforts. I will always bring with me the wonderful memories of all the initiatives we shared.I would like to say thank you to all of you, for your support, your active participation and collaboration.A special thanks to all the wonderful people of the CCM team and to the Italian Red Cross who gave me the opportunity to work here.Thanks again to everybody and, dear 3 million Mediterranean youth volunteers, always remember : we are not only the future of our Movement, we are also the present!!!Take care,Roberta


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